How Lauren Found Her Inner Athlete

Originally upon joining Inner Athlete I thought my journey here would be similar to other workout challenges I've done in the past. I would work hard during the six weeks then once it finished I would go back to my old ways of eating and exercising. That is my cycle and despite how much I know that about myself I have the hardest time breaking it. The hardest thing for me has always been consistency so I really enjoyed the fact that I had scheduled appointments to keep me accountable. I also worked hard to make sure that I hit my macros everyday which definitely helped me see gains. Inner Athlete made it convenient and simple for me to follow the workout schedule as well as the nutrition plan, by offering free seminars for counting macros.

Since joining Inner Athlete the change has been not only physical but also mental. It's hard to determine whether this is attributed to being consistent about making time for myself, putting in the work and having a "no excuses" attitude, the group accountability or a combination of all three. Most likely, it is the latter. 

Now that I have completed the six weeks and decided to continue on with Inner Athlete, I feel a huge sense pride in what I have already accomplished and am excited to achieve my future goals. In the six weeks, not only did I lose weight and inches, but I also gained better control over my life overall. I was finding that even though I was stretched thin with my workout, school and work schedule I felt like I had more time than ever. I think taking time for myself helped me in so many ways.  


Whenever I walk into Inner Athlete, I am greeted by name by a friendly staff member who always seems to remember something about my life. The sort of investment in their clients that Inner Athlete shows make me feel welcome and want to come back to my workouts. I appreciate not only the dedication that the trainers at Inner Athlete have but also that they definitely know their stuff! Also the fact that my time is a scheduled appointment made my attendance much better because I knew that my trainer and my fellow classmates were counting on me being there to workout with them. Another aspect I really enjoyed about Inner Athlete was that I was never bored. The exercises we did in each session were varied enough that I knew what I was doing but that I wasn't getting tired of doing the same thing over and over again.

If a person considering joining Inner Athlete but was unsure or skeptical what would you say to that person?

I would say that if you are ready to check your excuses at the door, put in the effort and know that you have the support of a stellar team, then Inner Athlete is the place for you! 


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