How Erynn Found Her Inner Athlete

I had been out of the habit of working out regularly for sometime, and kept telling myself I'm going to get back into it "any day" now. However, "any day" kept being pushed back until next week...and then the next week..and so on. I had been interested in personal training for a while, and finally decided to sign up in a somewhat impulsive move for myself; and I am so glad I did. While of course I wanted to be skinnier and tighter, I was really drawn to coming in for my mental health. In the last year I had experienced a minor medical issue, but also a lot of depression. I was pretty open to trying anything that could get me out of what was turning into months and months of feeling apathetic. 

Since joining IA I have definitely noticed a huge difference not only my mental health but physical health as well. It's not like it was a revolutionary idea that exercise improves your mental well being, but after dealing with depression improvement starts to feel out of reach. Thankfully, its not! Thinking back to my first month, I would basically roll out of bed and drag myself to the workouts before I could talk myself out of it. Now, I look forward to going to them and incorporating them into my weekly routine. I have lost multiple inches off my waist, increased my weights while working out, and generally pushed myself harder then I have before. I haven't worked out at this level consistently in my life, and I am actually enjoying it vs just feeling like something you have to do. Before IA, I would go through phases of working out then slowly I would "get to busy" and slowly taper off. So I have felt really proud of myself for creating and sticking with my new routine.

The trainers at IA are amazing! These are people who are literally practicing what they are training. They are warm, encouraging, and excellent motivators. The work outs here are not easy, but the trainers make it all feel attainable. You also feel like you are in good hands, because they are constantly giving you tips on how to improve form and prevent injury. Sometimes at the end of a session I can't help but feel "I can't believe I just did all that." Also, the programs you set up will keep you on track. The accountability here is what I think has given me my biggest success. At most gyms you just show up to classes or maybe with a trainer, but if you stop going that is it. I don't think you could get away with that here! You feel invested in as a client by people who want to see you succeed and will help you get to your goals. 


If a person considering joining Inner Athlete but was unsure or skeptical what would you say to that person?

No time like the present! If you want to shake things up, this is a great place to improve on yourself. The whole IA community is super welcoming, and you will feel motivated and supported by trainers and fellow members. Investing in your health is worth it! Success is measured in lots of ways here: inches off, amount of weight lifted, number of days training, etc. It's all the little things that help you quantify your success, and keep you on track.



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