How Marian Found Her Inner Athlete

Once upon a time I was mailing this very important Netflix return when I noticed these women running around this building close to where I was standing. What am I missing out on? I thought...... that looks like something different and fun. 

Sooo, into the front door of Inner Athlete studio I went. I was not really aware of what I was signing when asked if I was ready to make some changes in my life.....there was just this strong feeling that this place was important to be part of. I now believe it is because the leadership in this place that holds the passion beyond belief that feels it is important to be apart of this unique experience. And I was getting zapped by this same passion. 

How little did I know how much I had forgotten, moved away from, and absent I had become to my body. During the months that followed the sensitivity and awareness of the staff supported me while I woke up to all the childhood messages, stuck and festering in my gut namely, to "don't be selfish", don't put yourself first", "You've always been a littler heavier than your sister". What a bunch of crap that was. I was afraid of myself because I realized that most of my habits about food and exercise was at cross purposes to what I really wanted for myself. 

My focus was exclusively on my desire to look like someone else in the world looking thin, well dressed, and just being an all around perfect person, what ever that means. My vague focus was heading me in the wrong direction and I never realized that. I now understand focus, goal setting, and commitment to myself and that changed my body. I am a priority!

Now, I realize thats what happens when I walk in the front door at IA....the room has been arranged by the staff for my one hour. Weights are on the floor, benches put where I usually do my workout, and staff ready to assist in my personal challenge with me. 

Lately, I have come to realize that I have made friends with myself. I have learned about my food intake in a rational and practical sense believing that I no longer need diets, I need to support my life change with energy and healthy eating. We have a phrase in our culture something life: "Evidence Based" or "Show me the proof"....Ok, I get what that means now for my personal lifestyle. Without fail, IA gives me the platform and community to celebrate the evidence of what it is to nourish my health, strength, and well being. In the beginning of my IA experience, like my family when I was young, I looked for ways that they might drop the torch of support and personal affirmation and has never happened for three years. It is my personal belief, that at the age of 71, I have truly found the secret of beauty and restoration of my youth.

Sincerely, Marian Maynard 

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