How Sara Found Her Inner Athlete

"I first joined Inner Athlete to lose weight for my wedding, they taught me about portion control and foods that I should eat and what I should avoid. After that I got distracted by life as a newlywed, but I later realized that I needed to concentrate on my health and I could not do it alone. I have tried to do it by myself and I will do great for a few weeks maybe a month or two but then I lose motivation. I was missing the support and accountability of having a set appointment time with a coach. Being at Inner Athlete has really changed how I think about fitness. Lifting weights used to scare me, I had no idea what I was doing and I was scared to ask people at a gym for help. Now I am excited to see how much stronger I have become, and to also set new goals in regards to the weight that I can lift."

How is Inner Athlete different than any other gym or exercise experience that you have had?

"There is nothing out there that compares to Inner Athlete! It is not like a box gym where no one knows your name. You aren't judged by how much weight you can lift or how fit you look. It's a safe place where even a beginner like me could go and be taught how and why lifting weights was so important.  Whenever I come in I really feel like the trainers care and want to get to know you. They care about your goals and what to help you reach them. At other gyms I felt like just a number, once I signed a contract they did not care about what my goals were and how I was doing at reaching them. They didn't reach out to me if I missed my regular classes. At Inner Athlete you don't slip through the cracks. "

If a person considering joining Inner Athlete but was unsure or skeptical what would you say to that person?

"Just do it! Even if you are unsure or are intimidated you need to know that you are not alone. It can be intimidating and scary but in the end it is worth it. Everyone at the gym wants you to succeed and meet your goals and the coaches will help you in any way that they can. This gym is so much more than losing weight for a vacation or to fit into that little black dress. They care about your goals and want to help you stay motivated and to keep creating new goals and continue to crush them."

Sara :) 

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