How Kathleen Found Her Inner Athlete

How Did You Get Started? 

"I inquired because I was scared to death to work out and I knew Rachel. A friendly face goes a long way!!  My issues were that I was clueless about what to do to initiate change for myself. I knew I was sluggish, knew I should lose some weight and I knew I didn't feel good about myself. But that's where I stopped. I didn't know how to take that first step. Having never, and I mean NEVER, worked out in any type of gym had me paralyzed. "

How Have Things Changed For You?

"After over 4 years at IA I could not be happier. I know what good nutrition looks like. I understand that eating less does not equate to losing weight. I feel empowered and in control of not only my body but my life. My head is engaged in all aspects: kids, spouse, work, volunteer commitments. It all clicks because I feel really good about ME! I never could have imagined running multiple 5ks, completing Spartan races (even traveling states away because I love it so much!) and having the strength to complete any challenge that a trainer presents. I have never been an athletic person but now I truly believe that I am just that." 

How Is Inner Athlete Different? 

"Well, I have no comparison point. But I do like that it is not intimidating, it's a great community and that the staff cares. It's the 'Cheers' of the fitness world. Everybody knows your name. "

What would you say to someone who was thinking about joining but may be nervous?

"I'd say that I get it. I was in those shoes. But I took a chance and my life is COMPLETELY different today than 4 years ago. Just try it. Give IA the chance to prove themselves to you. You won't be disappointed. "


Kathleen :)

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