How Jill Found Her Inner Athlete


Over the next few weeks you will hear the stories of a few of our clients journeys to finding their Inner Athlete: The passion, drive and motivation inside of you. It causes you to refuse to settle for mediocrity and empowers you to conquer any obstacle! 

"I wanted to learn how to ride my 500lb dual-sport motorcycle off-road. A world-class motorcycle instructor was coming to the NW, and his training course suggested that his students build strength and increase cardio. I knew that if I wanted to take the class, I needed to become stronger and more active. I was out of shape and not strong, and I would run out of energy quickly. I had low confidence on my motorcycle, and I would become frustrated when faced with athletic challenges. A year prior, I rode my motorcycle to New Mexico and then 300 miles off-road. My energy and confidence were low. I needed to figure out how to change, so I was strong and fit to do what I love to do."

What has been the biggest change for you?

"Nutrition - How and what I eat. My biggest eye opener was nutrition. I didn’t realize how nutrition played such a huge role to fuel your body for cardio and strength. I can get up at 4am, roll into IA, work-out, have plenty of energy to do all that they ask of me, then go home for breakfast (yes, eat AFTER working out). I remember the first week or two. I almost cried because of frustration. I was tired; I had no energy; and I knew I could do better. Once my body became used to the plan, I was unstoppable. As a scientist, what they taught me makes sense! All for science, right?"

"Strength! Remember that motorcycle class? I took it. I was strong and had the endurance to do everything they asked of me. There was one exercise that required us to do circle after circle. You had to weight the motorcycle with slow control, and it took everything in your core and concentration to make it happen. We ran through the exercise, then they asked me to demo, then we ran it again! I couldn't believe how many circles I did that day. While most people dropped out, I kept going. They were tired and done. Without IA preparing me and my body for that training, I never would have learned as much as did to build the confidence in a sport I love. I can't wait to see what else I can do!"

How is Inner Athlete different?

"Inner Athlete is committed to me as a person, the whole me. I have other gyms where I walk in the door, guess at what I needed to do, and do it. I tried personal coaching, and it was only geared towards my goal in the gym - pick up weight, roll on mat, etc. Inner Athlete reaches out beyond “the gym” and works with me on nutrition, strength, cardio, and goals. The Facebook page plus group support, either in the gym or in Cardio Lab, makes it family. In the 9 months that I have been going to IA, there hasn’t been one day where I decided I won’t go in. Besides, Janelle would kick my ass and that is plenty motivation."

If a person considering joining Inner Athlete but was unsure or skeptical what would you say to that person?

"I would ask them, “Who do you know, who has accomplished a goal or made a life change where you thought, ‘what if that had been me?” For me, it was my sister-in-law. She started to run, and I thought to myself, “I should run.” She started to bicycle, and I thought “I should bicycle.” Over time, I watched her become stronger and fit, all while I stayed the same. I thought to myself, “Look where I would be if I started running when she ran. Or biking when she biked.” Now think of you today. Now think or your goal. Where will you be in 3 months? 6 months? Becoming fit and strong takes time, and you can’t rush time. So, why not start today, keep your goals small, and watch as you change in 3 months, then 6 months, and so on. IA has the recipe, you only need to follow it. "

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