5 Tips For Guaranteed Fat Loss

There is a ton of videos, subscriptions, blog posts, apps, about what you should do in order to lose fat. The question is how do everyday people filter all of this information and settle on something that is going to be worth the effort and actually help them lose fat?  Here is what your training program needs to include in order for you to lose fat. 

  1. Nutrition: If you are serious about fat loss you have to make time for nutrition. –You cannot lose fat if you aren’t dialed in with your nutrtion. Instead of  searching through Facebook and Instagram for the a quick fix diet plan or wasting energy counting calories, spend time learning about macronutrients and meal timing and the portion sizes that will help you reach your goals.
  2. High intensity training:  This training strategy focuses on boosting fat burn post workout rather than calorie burn during the workout.  Think about it, would you rather burn fat and calories for an hour or for up to 24hrs? To do this chose a training program that includes workouts that focus on short burst of high intensity / oxygen debt followed by short rest periods increase the body’s ability to burn fat all day long. 
  3. Metabolic Resistance Training:  Using moderate weight and alternating upper and lower body exercises and including total body circuits during your training session.  Adding this kind of training to each workout can maximize your body’s ability to lose fat in shorter amounts of time.
  4. Strength training:  Lift something heavy and set it back down.  Getting stronger is not just important for building muscle and enhancing sports performance. The body’s increased ability to lift heavier weights is important in fat loss as well. Including strength training during your workouts will allow you to move faster and at higher level during metabolic conditioning, steady state conditioning and high intensity training in turn making your body more effective at burning fat during these forms of exercise. 
  5. Build in accountability: It’s one thing to have the knowledge of what to do and another to actually to it.  Schedule times to shop for the foods you will need and prepare them for your day.  Add the times and days for your training sessions to your calendar and stick to them like you would any other appointment.    

If you are serious about fat loss all of these things, including nutrition need to be included in your training program. For example, you only do high intensity training and nothing else, you aren’t going to see the results you set out to achieve.  Further, if you leave out nutrition or don’t understand how many of each macronutrient you need, your exercise efforts will go largely unnoticed.  If you need help designing a program that will maximize your results shoot me an email and I will send you an information pack about our personal training programs at Inner Athlete. 

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