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  • How Lauren Found Her Inner Athlete

    Originally upon joining Inner Athlete I thought my journey here would be similar to other workout challenges I've done in the past. I would work hard during the six weeks then once it finished I would go back to my old ways of eating and exercising. That is my cycle and despite how much I know that about myself I have the hardest time breaking it. The hardest thing for me has always been consistency so I really enjoyed the fact that I had scheduled appointments to keep me accountable. I also worked hard to make sure that I hit my macros everyday which definitely helped me see gains. Inner Athlete made it convenient and simple for me to follow the workout schedule as well as the ....

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  • How Erynn Found Her Inner Athlete

    I had been out of the habit of working out regularly for sometime, and kept telling myself I'm going to get back into it "any day" now. However, "any day" kept being pushed back until next week...and then the next week..and so on. I had been interested in personal training for a while, and finally decided to sign up in a somewhat impulsive move for myself; and I am so glad I did. While of course I wanted to be skinnier and tighter, I was really drawn to coming in for my mental health. In the last year I had experienced a minor medical issue, but also a lot of depression. I was pretty open to trying anything that could get me out of what was turning into months and months of feeling ....

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  • How Lisa Found Her Inner Athlete

    As my relationship with fitness, and even ideas and perceptions about it, have changed over the years, it is fair to say I have been on a wide-ranging journey with my health and physical wellbeing. Growing-up, I never considered myself an athlete, yet spent many hours each week dedicated to ballet lessons and recitals, competitive baton twirling (yes, it is a sport J), and gymnastics. I worked hard and was committed to doing well; I was competitive and enjoyed being active. As I got into my teens, in the 80’s, things changed somewhat. An active social life, regular aerobics classes, and looking good at the beach in a bikini seemed to become more of the focus. There was ....

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  • How Marian Found Her Inner Athlete

    Once upon a time I was mailing this very important Netflix return when I noticed these women running around this building close to where I was standing. What am I missing out on? I thought...... that looks like something different and fun. Sooo, into the front door of Inner Athlete studio I went. I was not really aware of what I was signing when asked if I was ready to make some changes in my life.....there was just this strong feeling that this place was important to be part of. I now believe it is because the leadership in this place that holds the passion beyond belief that feels it is important to be apart of this unique experience
    And I was getting zapped
    by this same passion. ....

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  • Why You Should Foam Roll

    Foam Rolling Foam rolling or Self-myofacial release is a soft tissue therapy that focuses on the fascia. (Fascia- a thin piece of fibrous tissue that encloses a muscle or other organ). When you massage it, you are not only improving range of motion, but you begin to increase circulations and boost muscle tissue integrity. In the Journal of Sports Rehabilitation, a recent study found that foam rolling, paired with stretching, could increase range of motion in the hip more than stretching alone. Utilizing stretching alone is not always enough to release muscles tightness. Imagine a bungee cord with a knot tied into it and then envision stretching the cord. This creates tension, ....

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  • How Sara Found Her Inner Athlete

    "I first joined Inner Athlete to lose weight for my wedding, they taught me about portion control and foods that I should eat and what I should avoid. After that I got distracted by life as a newlywed, but I later realized that I needed to concentrate on my health and I could not do it alone. I have tried to do it by myself and I will do great for a few weeks maybe a month or two but then I lose motivation. I was missing the support and accountability of having a set appointment time with a coach.
    Being at Inner Athlete has really changed how I think about fitness. Lifting weights used to scare me, I had no idea what I was doing and I was scared to ask people at a gym for help. ....

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  • How Kathleen Found Her Inner Athlete

    How Did You Get Started?
    "I inquired because I was scared to death to work out and I knew Rachel. A friendly face goes a long way!! My issues were that I was clueless about what to do to initiate change for myself. I knew I was sluggish, knew I should lose some weight and I knew I didn't feel good about myself. But that's where I stopped. I didn't know how to take that first step. Having never, and I mean NEVER, worked out in any type of gym had me paralyzed. " How Have Things Changed For You?
    "After over 4 years at IA I could not be happier. I know what good nutrition looks like. I understand that eating less does not equate to losing weight. I feel empowered and in control of not ....

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  • How Jill Found Her Inner Athlete

    Over the next few weeks you will hear the stories of a few of our clients journeys to finding their Inner Athlete: The passion, drive and motivation inside of you. It causes you to refuse to settle for mediocrity and empowers you to conquer any obstacle! "I wanted to learn how to ride my 500lb dual-sport motorcycle off-road. A world-class motorcycle instructor was coming to the NW, and his training course suggested that his students build strength and increase cardio. I knew that if I wanted to take the class, I needed to become stronger and more active. I was out of shape and not strong, and I would run out of energy quickly. I had low confidence ....

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  • Why This? Why Now?

    That’s a question we often ask people who decide that today is the day they are ready to learn how to eat and train to support their lifestyle and reach their goals. Over the past quarter of a century the Health & Wellness Industry (new name for The Fitness Industry) has taught us quite a lot about people. The hard reality is that while people love the idea of change, the actual application of change is what defines trying versus doing. Let’s consider the difference of those two words: Definition of
    Severely straining the powers of endurance. “I’m trying not to do that.” Definition of
    The ....

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  • Instant Life: Losing Touch With Reality

    "Time is free, but it's priceless. You can't own it, but you can use it. You can't keep it but you can spend it. Once you've lost it you can never get it back." -Harvey Mackay You walked a little today, got your heart rate up, lifted some weights, ate differently, then tomorrow morning you wake up and look in the mirror... and see the same as you did the day before. You have to be pretty well along the path to see any significant results. So what keeps you going? Will power! Right?? You just need more will power... Eh, I have a hard time with this one. For a lot of people, will power ends up with the creation of some reward and punishment ....

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  • How Candice Found Her Inner Athlete

    Over the next few weeks you will hear the stories of a few of our clients journeys to finding their Inner Athlete: The passion, drive and motivation inside of you. It causes you to refuse to settle for mediocrity and empowers you to conquer any obstacle!

    "I had a medical scare which prompted me to make changes to my lifestyle. They were; 1. Quit smoking. 2. Quit drinking. 3. Lose some weight. I did the first two on my own, but the third one I knew I needed help. I wasn’t looking for skinny. I was looking for HEALTHY. I hadn’t “worked out” in over 8 years. I had back problems; high blood pressure and I worried that I wouldn’t have ....

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  • #NoExcuse November

    With all the holiday parties and family gatherings it’s no wonder the average American gains 7.3 pounds from Halloween until New Year’s. Not only that, most gyms are pretty much vacant in December as people are ‘too busy’ to exercise. Lack of exercise = excessive food intake (simple carbohydrates) = recipe for disaster. How many times have either you or somebody you know make grand fitness goals for the New Year only to fail miserably? What happened? I’m willing to bet most people never even made it to February. This is a tragedy! So what’s a person to do? CHALLENGE YOURSELF! Yes, you heard me right. Successful people do what ....

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  • Thoughts From Your Trainer

    My goal is to deliver you results. I'm doing my best to help you achieve improved strength, mobility, and body composition. Or in other words feel better, move better, and look better. In order for that to be accomplished, you need to show up to your workouts, and take care of yourself outside the gym. The biggest factor in your body composition results is correct sleep and nutrition. When it comes to your workouts, the biggest factor is execution. Strength training must be looked at in terms of movement quality and intensity (how heavy is the weight/ how high is the effort). Optimum movement is critical for maximum success. Movement quality should always come before intensity (load). ....

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  • How To Warm Up

    Think performance NOT Fatigue! NEWS FLASH EVERYONE! Research shows that aerobic (cardio) activity isn't necessary prior to your workouts and may in fact zap some valuable energy that you will need to perform at a high level to reach the goal of your workout. If you are running or walking for countless minutes on the treadmill or doing dozens and dozens of reps of plyometric or other heart pumping exercise prior to your workout… YOU ARE WASTING TIME AND ENERGY
    that you will need to complete your workout. However, research does support the need for a PROPER
    warm up. In fact a PROPER
    warm up is necessary before a heavy or intense training session like the kind you do as ....

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  • 5 Tips For Guaranteed Fat Loss

    There is a ton of videos, subscriptions, blog posts, apps, about what you should do in order to lose fat. The question is how do everyday people filter all of this information and settle on something that is going to be worth the effort and actually help them lose fat? Here is what your training program needs to include in order for you to lose fat.
    If you are serious about fat loss you have to make time for nutrition.
    –You cannot lose fat if you aren’t dialed in with your nutrtion. Instead of searching through Facebook and Instagram for the a quick fix diet plan or wasting energy counting calories, spend time learning about macronutrients and meal timing and ....

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  • 6 Ways To Get Back On Track After Summer

    Summer is that time of the year when we recharge our life-battery. Long, warm days at a more relaxed pace allow for vacations, time to spend with family and friends and time to rejuvenate our body –n- soul. This also means celebrations including unhealthy foods and not as much time for exercise. Don’t get me wrong, summer is meant to be enjoyed, but so is a healthy lifestyle. September is just around the corner and I can’t think of a better time of year to get back on track with food and exercise. If you have been enjoying summer a little too much and have been “forgetting” to exercise and eat right, it’s time to get back on track. Here are ....

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  • Amazing 12 Transformation Success Stories

    Sara set the bar high in this first wave of what can be accomplished when you have no experience lifting weights! “Before I started this program, I had never done weight training, I would do some bicep curls and some kettle bell swings, but the idea of actually doing bench press or deadlifts really scared me. My Amazing 12 Coach (Melissa) taught me about form and proper technique which was a huge relief s ince I had no idea where to start. I am very close to being able to do a pull up which I never thought was something that I would ever be able to do. It is incredible see how much my strength has improved in just a short amount of time.” Sara increased her Military ....

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  • Secret to 6 Pack Abs

    At Inner Athlete we are asked all of the time how people can get better, flatter, and more visible abs. It’s the #1 area people want to improve. Go into any gym and you’ll see thousands of crunches, situps, ab machine whatevers, and so on. Do those people have visible abs? Usually not. Abs classes are prevalent in almost any commercial gym, and members flock in search of the six pack that will never be. You see, getting abs comes from OVERALL reduction in body fat. You already have abs - you just need to lose the fat on top of them to see them! Yes, while fun, abs classes are a matter how much it burns. So then how do you get great abs? Here’s our secret: 1) ....

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  • Learning To Run...Step by Step

    We thought it might be helpful to help you prepare to run your first 5K; whether it’s a race or simply around your neighborhood. The key to injury free running is to honor your body and its capabilities. There is a big difference in pushing yourself to improve and pushing your body before it’s ready. The “no pain, no gain” saying doesn’t apply to running! Pain may be a sign of injury. Strength training helps your running progress. Having muscles, ligaments and tendons prepared for endurance exercise will significantly benefit you. Incorporate both lifting and running to get the biggest bang for your buck! Don’t
    stretch much beyond loosening up before ....

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  • Are You A Shark?

    This is not a trick question... Are you a shark? Here's what I mean by that. Sharks don't need motivation. They are up early hunting prey, being scary and reminding everyone they're a freakin' shark. How does that relate to your fitness and physical rehabilitation. EVERYTHING. You have a choice every morning when you wake up. You can either chase your goals or succumb to excuses. Your lack of fitness is something you have absolute control over. All you have to do is decide what you want and go after it. If it was easy then everybody would do it. You may be facing a significant amount of stress in your life. You might even have injuries that you are trying to recover from. ....

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  • Ditch the Pink Paper Weights

    Ladies, it's time we break up with our cutesy, little dumbbells. I'm serious. When it comes to strength training and fitness, there is absolutely no need for women to be treated like delicate, dainty flowers. We don't need cute, little workout equipment. Cute workout clothes, on the other hand, are totally acceptable! But we've done ourselves a disservice by buying into the notion that little 3-pound and 5-pound weights are appropriate for a woman, so we don't get too “masculine”. I'm here to tell you that biology says otherwise. And not only that, but there's an empowering feeling that goes along with lifting some real weight. You discover quite literally your own strength, ....

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  • Running Before You Can Walk?

    We hear so many stories about people who would love to start running but don’t know where to start. Many jump straight in and try to do too much, too soon, and then end up quitting and feeling disheartened. However, if approached in the right way, running can be a fantastic way to keep fit and lose weight, so we’ve put together the following tips to help you get started: Start slowly Before you even think about running, try walking briskly for half an hour. Then, introduce one-minute bursts of running every other minute. Build up to two-minute running bursts, with a minute of rest in between. The key is to only increase the amount of time you run for by one minute each ....

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  • Stress Eating: Break The Habit

    Bad habits, we've all got them. And much of the discussion from friends and clients last week was this one question: how do we break the habit of eating when we're stressed? This is a very common concern, and I feel like there's probably a few different approaches depending on your personality. But let me give you a rundown of a few things to try. 1 - In a perfect world, we can alleviate your stress! What it is that is causing you to have the munchies? What are you reacting to? I think first you must accept that stress is not a real living thing, it's only your reaction to situations in your life. So therefore you have complete control. This is an important realization. So I ....

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  • 4 Ways To Get Ready For Summer!

    There are days that you cannot wait to get to the gym or prepare healthy food, and there are other days you can hardly get yourself moving. Despite how you feel, if you want to look and feel great this summer you have to shift your attitude and dial in your nutrition and exercise. Take a moment and look ahead to your summer calendar. My guess is you have a few vacations booked, weddings, and adventures you would like to enjoy. Take advantage of these 5 ways to prepare for your busy summer! 1. Buy 5 CardioLab Sessions get 5 FREE!
    We get it your busy and finding time to exercise can be difficult. Knowing that you have at least one-three scheduled appointments per week is a great way to get ....

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  • 7 Nutrition-related habits of healthy people

    The good news is it’s super easy to change…if you make little, consistent changes starting today. Don’t just read the following suggestions and forget about them. Turn them into action items. If you make tiny improvements and healthy decisions each day they will have a huge impact on your long-term health. The following are nutrition-related habits of healthy people. 1. Drink water - Among other things, water transports nutrients in your body, flushes toxins out and is necessary for digestion. Drinking eight 8-ounce glasses of water is thought to be a pretty good daily target. If you’re looking to lose weight, drink a tall glass of ....

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  • Cardio vs. Weightlifting

    You are running late to the gym and you only have 30 minutes to spare. Do you jump on the treadmill or head to the free weights? Is it better to run a few miles or pump out a few reps? This represents one of the greatest misconceptions in the health and wellness industry: cardio vs. weight training. Both have clear benefits, but is one better than the other? We have compiled a few key differences below to help you decide Cardio vs. weight training
    Weight training helps combat sarcopenia, the age-related loss of muscle and strength, as well as the scientific evidence of reversing osteoporosis
    Weight training protects against age-related injuries including slips and falls, especially ....

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  • Outcomes vs. Actions

    We talk a lot about goal setting in the health and fitness world, because of course setting goals is easy and everybody has something they want to achieve. But what I think sometimes gets lost in this discussion is the fact that many times when it comes to your health and fitness a goal is just an outcome that you can't directly control. What I mean by that is that whether or not your body changes and adjust to the degree that you have set a goal has nothing to do with that particular goal. It has everything to do with the actions you take and the behaviors you change in the process of moving towards that goal. A goal is just an outcome. You can't just manifest it, as amazing as ....

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  • The Weird Mystery of "Processed" Food

    Everyone knows it: processed food is bad. But what’s the definition of “processed?” A quick Google would reveal the following. “Processed food” is (drum roll):
    Consistent from serving to serving, and batch to batch
    Emulsified (fat and water don’t separate) And it has:
    A long shelf-life
    An airtight seal …Guess what? ALL OF THESE DEFINITIONS ARE TERRIBLE at defining what “processed” really means. This is the perfect example of one of those times where we see the ugly side of the Internet: anyone can say anything and pretend to be a food “expert”… and get away with ....

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  • Understanding Food Label Claims

    by Balanced Habits RD Andrea Marincovich

    There are 3 categories of claims allowed on food packaging as regulated by the FDA:

    Health claims
    are used to announce disease or health-related prevention properties provided by that food item.
    Nutrient content claims
    are used to express the amount of a nutrient in a food item or compare the amount of a nutrient in that food item versus another food item.
    Structure/function claims
    are mainly used on dietary supplements to describe how that ....

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  • How Undereating Affects Your Training

    Many women have a warped perspective of what “enough” food really is—especially when trying to lose weight. This warped perspective can hinder fat loss, strength gain, muscle gain, energy levels, and overall health. Whether this perspective comes from reading fitness magazines that recommend a 1200-calorie-per-day meal plan, or a trainer promoting both a low-carb and low-fat diet for weight loss, countless women are misled into eating far less food than they actually need to support high-intensity training. And while they might understand that inadequate food intake can negatively impact their performance in the gym, they simply aren’t used to eating ....

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  • The Government Is Secretly Keeping Us Overweight

    No I haven’t gone off the deep end, and no, I don’t own a tinfoil hat. This is REAL stuff that’s 100% public, and you can look it up yourself. Every five years, the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee (DGAC) – a group of government-commissioned food scientists – publishes their findings on what Americans should and should not be eating. And every five years I’m disappointed. For example, the original DGAC document published this year originally had many well-meaning recommendations about limiting red meat and processed sugar. “Hold on just a second,” said the lobbyists. “We can’t have people turning ....

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  • Recommit to Your Resolution!

    Less than 10% of American's who make New Year’s Resolutions will achieve them. According to the research 25% fail in the first week. With the right changes you can stop being one of those statistics and finally make a change that lasts longer than a week. 1. Review Your Resolution:
    It will be tough to simply pick back up where you left off without looking back on the progress you made. Recognizing the mistakes that led you to fall off will allow you to make the changes necessary. Was your resolution to lofty or did someone else influence your resolution? 2. Move Past Mistakes:
    Identifying where your resolution went wrong and allow yourself to move past the mistake. If you dwell ....

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  • 7 Ways To Be Healthy At Work

    Our modern sedentary lifestyles, both at home AND in the workplace, are extremely costly for our bodies!! We are sitting WAY too much. Think about your activity level from the time you get up to the time you go to bed… we spend time sitting in the car, sitting at the office, then sitting in the car again, and sitting on our couches in front of the TV. Our bodies were made to do amazing things- and sitting is not one of them. A 2008 Vanderbilt University study of 6300 people published in the American Journal of Epidemiology estimated that the average American spends 55% of waking time (7.7 hours per day) sitting!!!
    So what can you do? If you are in an office environment ....

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  • How Oprah Defined The Female Athlete

    There are thousands of local road races and fun runs of all distances around the country. In fact, you can toe the starting line to any of these races and you will find people of all shapes, sizes, gender, ages and abilities. Current statistics show that over half of these runners are women. It’s hard to imagine that running didn’t always look this way. Since the beginning of time women were excluded from these races that we all are so used to seeing around our community on any given weekend. Consider these moments in women’s running history:
    According to Amby Burfoot in his book “The first Ladies of Running,” females were widely ridiculed and routinely ....

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  • Alcohol...Know The Facts

    If you are serious about your race goals or weight loss then regular drinking must be avoided. In one weekend (3 drinks Saturday and 2 drinks Sunday) you have wiped out all your efforts and actually stopped the fat burning process for the next few days.
    First, there’s the issue of the calories. We all know each mixed drink, beer, or wine could easily double what you would normally eat in a day. Not only is the calorie/carb deficit wiped out from the drinks, there’s a good chance you have gained not just weight but fat post-weekend of fun simply by eating even a normal healthy size meal.
    Alcohol, once converted to acetate in your bloodstream, becomes your body’s ....

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  • Are you giving this deadly killer permission to shorten your lifespan?

    By Carolyn Fetters | Founder of Balanced Habits Nutrition Question for you... What can potentially give you the blues, cause dementia, and increase your risk of heart disease and stroke? It has the potential to saddle you with high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, colon cancer, breast cancer and reduce your testosterone level. Plus, it can chip away at your looks, how you feel and your confidence level. It will erode your quality of life and shorten your lifespan. If that's not bad enough, it's costing the world money...lots of money. According to the McKinsey Report, its estimated economic impact is $663 billion in the United States and $2 ....

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  • Beating Arthritis With Weights

    I wouldn’t blame you if you think weight lifting makes arthritis worse. And if you do, it’s not your fault. Especially since some misinformed doctors readily prescribe their patients drugs and rest to treat symptoms. But now research studies from Great Britain prove that a properly supervised weight lifting program improves physical function and quality of life for arthritis sufferers. This study dispelled the long-held notion that joints affected by rheumatoid arthritis need rest and protection from movement. The opposite is true … Arthritis sufferers need ? high-intensity weight training. Data from the scientific and medical communities offers undeniable ....

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  • The Truth About Body Transformations

    Think about this statement for a second “weight loss doesn’t equal a body transformation.” Knowledge bomb right? A body transformation means a complete and total change from the place you are now into a healthy strong, fit, lean, toned, powerful, strong and confident person you want to become and the news flash is that typically has very little to do with weight loss. In order for a body transformation to occur you have to:
    Look in the mirror and understand that if the person looking back at you is out of shape, unhealthy, not confident and weak it’s NOT THE REAL YOU! That this person was transformed into this version of you by eating bad sh*t and being ....

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  • Think Hiring a Professional Is Expensive…Wait Until You Hire an Amateur

    Personal trainers come in all shapes and sizes (literally). It can be easy to quickly distinguish who works for you and why. If you prefer working at home, look in to hiring a private personal trainer. A simple internet search will likely turn up some promising candidates that you can qualify using these few tools. This is typically a more expensive route, but if you go this way, make sure to ask if the equipment will be provided. The most common and usually most convenient point of contact are your local gyms. Often times, they will have an army of trainers ready to help, especially during this time of the year. Cross-check your candidates like we suggest and feel confident in your ....

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  • Run Farther: From 5K to 50K

    Written by Rachel Gaffney Owner of Inner Athlete Fitness and RRCA Certified Running Coach Published on Pola r What does it mean to be a better runner? For some it’s improving their race or running distance, for others it’s shaving seconds off their PB. It can also be about training smarter, learning to set goals that truly motivate you and incorporating more diverse training methods into your running plan. Coach Rachel Gaffney gives her advice to people who feel like they could go farther. Every runner who’s run or raced any distance wonders if they could go further. Chances are if you’ve run one mile you wonder what it’s like ....

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  • Six tips to help you permanently rewrite your weight loss story

    by Carolyn Fetters | Balanced Habits KICK START Founder Has this ever happened to you? You write a long email or type something into your word processing software and then some sort of computer glitch occurs which results in you losing what you've typed. Your only option is to retype everything from memory. And while you're doing so, you can't help but feel the frustration and disappointment of wasting time doing something you've already done. Here's a much more important question for you...
    Have you ever had a similar experience when it comes to losing weight?
    You change your eating habits long enough to lose weight, but then "a glitch" ....

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    These are just a few of the reasons that women use when letting us trainers know that they want to steer clear of the barbells, kettlebells, and dumbbells. Unfortunately the popular misconception floating around is that women who strength train will end up looking like bodybuilders. Nothing could be further from the truth. The size, vascularity, and overall form of a female bodybuilder are all the product of hours of intense daily training, extreme dieting, and months or even years of dedication to their sport. But enough about how far fetched it is that you ....

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  • Use this Technique to Burn More Fat and Build More Muscle

    It’s called supersets (and in a moment, you’ll see why they’re so super!) Simply put, a super set is when you do two exercises back-to-back, without resting in between. Here’s a quick example: Let’s say you do a set of bench presses. As soon as you’re done, you’d follow it up immediately with a set of lat pulldowns. After you’re done with that back exercise, then you can rest. (And believe me, you’ll want to…). Then, you repeat the process again. Working out this way burns TONS of calories. Mainly because of the intensity — you’re not resting in between sets. Supersets also stimulate the production of Growth ....

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    It’s time set a goal and get serious about actually achieving it. Enough already with the New Year's resolutions where 3 days in and you've already slipped up on and haven't followed through. Why do we constantly set ourselves up for failure this way year after year? The trick with setting a goal, especially an ambitious one that requires a lot of change on your part, is that setting the goal is just not enough. You have to actually have a more intentional, almost engineering approach to how you're going to achieve this wonderful change for yourself. You may have read all sorts of goal setting books and blog posts with tips and tricks, but I want to break down one very simple ....

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  • Whats The Best Energy Drink!?

    During our first meeting together most of our clients cite wanting and needing to feel better and have more energy as their number one reason for starting one of our personal training programs. At Inner Athlete we realize that a huge part of this lack of energy and mental clarity is due to their nutrition. As a result we aim to help clients learn to fuel their body with the right portion sizes, the right balance of macronutrients, at the right time in order to give their mind and body the energy they need to live the active, healthy life they are so badly wanting. The good news is this works really well! We take measurements, evaluate goals, and analyze activity level. Then we ....

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  • Top 3 Reasons New Years Resolution Fail!

    Today, we will be going over what you can do to not give up on your new year's resolution and to help you make exercise and healthy nutrition an ongoing part of your life. According to reports in the paper, this week is the week that most people give up on their new year’s resolutions. I am sure that may be enough to tip some over the edge and give up on their new health regime, but surely it is not enough to make the vast majority of people give up on their gym memberships. This compelled me to do a bit of research and what resulted was rather interesting. Apparently, 12% of all new gym members join in January and some health clubs see an increase in usage of between 30% to ....

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  • Nutrition and weight loss; you MUST have a PLAN!

    Nutrition and weight loss;if you don’t have a plan, FORGET IT! Here’s the straight truth; if you want to lose weight but don’t have a nutrition plan in place, you will fail. No ifs, ands, or buts. Period. Studies show that nutrition makes up 80% of your weight loss (or lack thereof). I want you to read this line again and again: Studies show that nutrition is 80% or more of the equation when it comes to weight loss Related: 28 Day KICK START beginning in January

    You can’t out-exercise bad eating!
    Sorry, but if your plan for weight loss is to hit the treadmill or Stairmaster, or to do cardio classes or CrossFit until you’re drenched with sweat and lying ....

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  • Is Pizza a Vegetable?

    Carolyn Fetters | Founder of Balanced Habits KICK START
    Back in 2002, the World Health Organization (W.H.O.) put together a document called "Technical Report Series 916" which stated flatly that sugar is a major cause (if not the cause) of chronic metabolic disease and obesity. As a result, the W.H.O. recommended that no more than 10% of the calories in someone's diet should come from sugar. Republican Senator Larry Craig and Democrat Senator John Bwrireaux immediately took action. They asked Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson to stop the report from being published. Thompson took a jet to Geneva and basically told the W.H.O. that if they ....

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  • Will You Ever Be Successful At Weight Loss?

    You may have heard this phrase before: “If being fit (losing weight, etc) was easy, everyone would do it.” And this is partially true. Is keeping yourself healthy and fit the most comfortable of all of the things we can do in life? No! This blog post is meant to give a sort-of checklist. If you aren’t prepared to do/feel the following things, weight loss and keeping yourself healthy and fit are going to be quite the arduous task. 1) You must take PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY.
    No amount of paying for gym memberships, watching videos, or reading articles will get you to where you want to be. You must own that you will have to be dedicated to the process on a ....

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    How hard do you really need to work to reach your goals? I think there's a lot of confusion about how much effort a person needs to put into their health and fitness routine. The truth is it all depends on their individual goal. The amount of work required for somebody to be completely shredded and ripped and ready to go on a bodybuilding stage is completely different than the amount of effort necessary for somebody to feel confident in a pair of jeans and have the energy to chase after their kids. The degree of difficulty is infinitely different the more specific your goals are. I think it's important to get real about these different levels of effort. Many people seem to think that ....

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  • Take ACTION to Achieve Goals

    You see it all the time, advertisers telling you how they’ve uncovered the “secret” to losing weight and getting fit. They tell you that if you just take their one pill … follow their new revolutionary diet … or eat carbs only on every second Tuesday of the month, you will finally win the battle of the “bulge.” At Inner Athlete, we know that’s just not the case. There’s only one “tried-and-true” secret to losing as much fat as you want! What’s the secret? It’s one word: action. The personal trainers at Inner Athlete Fitness understand that most people want to get fit, they want to get healthy and they want ....

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  • Thanksgiving Dinner: Just Another Meal

    Things change. The color of leaves with the seasons. Your children grow up and may not want to hold your hand as much anymore. Your favorite color has probably changed one thousand times. You change your socks probably on a daily basis. One thing does not change though…. your stomach does not get bigger on Thanksgiving . Nope. You may THINK it does, or even try to trick IT into thinking it is. You overstuff it and stretch it out many more inches than it may normally stick out. Your stomach may even try to remind you after your first plate that it only wants so much, and maybe even already feels fully satisfied…but you ignore its requests. Poor tummy. Let’s ....

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  • 6 Reasons Why 9 Out Of 10 People Refuse To Change — Even In The Face Of Certain Death

    Attempting to answer — with 6 insights — the mind-boggling mystery: Why 9 out of 10 People Refuse To Change Their Lifestyle Even In The Face Of Certain Death Why is it that, when we know we need to change our health habits, (even facing life and death scenarios), do we rarely make a permanent change? Think about that question and try to answer it best you can before you continue to read. Go ahead, think about it. Got a theory? Yeah, me too. In fact, I have 6 insights I’m hoping will be helpful to you. But before I continue, imagine this … There you are on the operating table, with an oxygen mask on, I.V.s in, and that lovely catheter inserted. ....

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  • 4 Exercises For Stronger Hamstrings and Glutes

    If your lower body routine focuses on squats, lunges, and leg extensions, then you are missing an entire muscle group. Most people tend to have strength imbalances in their hamstrings and glutes because they stick with quad based lower body routines. The following circuit can help improve these imbalances by strengthening the hamstrings as well as the glutes. It includes a variety of exercises that work you through each plane of motion. RESISTANCE BAND DONKEY KICK-BACKS
    Get on all fours on the ground holding an end of a resistance band in each hand. Hook one foot in the loop created in the band with a flexed foot. Action:
    Extend your leg straight out behind you. ....

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  • Challenge Yourself!

    With all the holiday parties and family gatherings it’s no wonder the average American gains 7.3 pounds from Halloween until New Year’s. Not only that, most gyms are pretty much vacant in December as people are ‘too busy’ to exercise. Lack of exercise = excessive food intake (simple carbohydrates) = recipe for disaster. How many times have either you or somebody you know make grand fitness goals for the New Year only to fail miserably? What happened? I’m willing to bet most people never even made it to February. This is a tragedy! So what’s a person to do?
    Yes, you heard me right. Successful people do what ....

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  • Everyone Should Squat! Everyone Can Squat! by Rachel Gaffney | Owner, Inner Athlete Fitness

    As a fitness professional a common thing I hear is “I can’t do squats. They will hurt my knees.” The truth of the matter is, as humans we squat everyday when we sit down and then stand up. Since we all need to stand up and sit down countless times a day you can see how squatting is a necessary function of basic human movement. It’s important that we all master the movement pattern and are strong enough to do it correctly so our knee joints aren’t negatively impacted. Also, squats will help you improve your overall strength which will help keep you healthy and fit enough to get out there doing the things you love to do. The key to ....

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  • The Difference Between Sore and Injured

    Feelingsore after a workoutis kind of a badge of honor. Those achy muscles that make it hard to climb even the teeniest staircase are a glaring reminder of the hard work you put in. You crushed that workout, and it kind of crushed you, too. "It is normal for muscle soreness to occur after a workout that was challenging and/or new to the body," says Jacqueline Crockford, exercise physiologist and education specialist at American Council on Exercise (ACE). Even if you work out on a regular basis, it doesn't mean you're exempt. "You may be in great physical shape, but if you tried a new workoutthat your body was not familiar with, it is very likely that you will ....

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  • The Buddy Factor: 3 Reasons Why Training with a Friend Will Get You Ahead by Paul Fetters | Balanced Habits TakeDown Challenge

    Han Solo and Chewbacca. Batman and Robin. Jake and Elwood. Yoko Ono and John Lennon. Okay, maybe the last pair aren’t the best example, but if there’s one thing these famous duos can teach us, it’s the power of having a partner by your side. Teaming up with someone whom shares similar values, and goals will not only enrich your fitness experience, but will provide a multitude of other benefits as well. Accountability
    We’ve all had those mornings. You know, the ones where we wake up and can hardly get out of bed, let alone get to the gym. A million and a half excuses run through our minds as to why it’s totally okay to skip the ....

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  • Five Things That Will Help You Live To Be 100 Years Old by Rachel Gaffney | Owner, Inner Athlete Fitness Studio

    In the early 1970s, National Geographic asked physician and research scientist Alexander Leaf to study and then report back about some of the world's healthiest and longest living people. One of the groups Dr. Leaf chose was the people of Abkhasia. Abkhasia, at the time, was an autonomous region within Soviet Georgia. The 1970 census had established it as "the longevity capital of the world" due to it having an extraordinary number of people who lived beyond the age of 100 years. When Leaf's articles appeared in National Geographic in 1973 many were skeptical about the "I'm 140 or 150 years old" claims made by some Abkhasians. At the time, the ....

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  • Low Physical Activity Second Only to Smoking in Highest Death Rate by Melissa Castor - General Manger, Inner Athlete Fitness

    Recently a 45 year study was published in the European Society of Cardiology that shows the impact of low physical activity on the risk of early death. "The benefits of being physically active over a lifetime are clear," said lead author Dr Per Ladenvall, a researcher in the Department of Molecular and Clinical Medicine, Sahlgrenska Academy at University of Gothenburg, Sweden. "Low physical capacity is a greater risk for death than high blood pressure or high cholesterol." The study followed individuals from 1967 to 2012 and tracked specifically their aerobic capacity over time. They found that individuals with a decreased aerobic capacity had a higher risk of death ....

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  • How To Maximize Your Workout Time When You Have Kids by Rachel Gaffney - Owner, Inner Athlete Fitness

    I am the mom of 4 amazing kids Jordan 10, Sam 13, Abby 14 and Katie 17. The things my kids have learned over the years from participating in a wide range of sports and activities are countless and I wouldn’t trade that for anything. But, nothing worth doing is ever easy and in this case getting 4 kids to practices, games, tournaments, performances, and fitting in my own work, workouts, homework and family time is hard. Worth it but hard. I know many of you amazing mom’s out there struggle with the same issue. And many of you skip workouts and put any competitive goals on the backburner because of it. But remember YOU are important and if you are happy and healthy your family will be ....

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  • The 5 things I learned from running the Ragnar by Rachel Gaffney - Owner, Inner Athlete Fitness

    It’s been a long time since I’ve raced… a year and a half to be exact. Well, I’m happy to announce that this weekend I got the chance to accomplish one of my long time race goals and at the same time was reminded about several things that I had forgotten and taken for granted during my racing hiatus. The Ragnar Ultra is hands down the toughest thing I have every done in my life. For those of you who don’t know, the Ragnar Ultra it’s a 196 mile relay race. To put it simply I was on a team of 6 amazing women who spent 30 hours taking turns running from Blaine to Langley. One of us would run a certain amount of miles and the others would drive to the next exchange point. The next ....

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  • Summer Vacation Workout by Rachel Gaffney - Owner, Inner Athlete Fitness

    At Inner Athlete we know that summer means spending time with family and friends and going on vacations. This usually includes barbeques, snacking and probably consuming more than your usual amount of adult beverages. My first piece of advice is to have fun! My second piece of advice is to set aside at least 60 minutes everyday to get in some high intensity exercise. And FYI. . . walking around the campground or in between wineries counts as activity but not exercise. Although you can’t outwork a bad diet you can at least attempt to balance things out a bit. I will even give you a workout that can be done at your campsite, beach house, hotel room, park, or ....

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  • How To Conquer Any Obstacle by Rachel Gaffney - Owner, Inner Athlete Fitness

    As human beings we face obstacles and challenges every single day. Many are really tough and if we aren’t careful, they can stand in the way of our goals. What determines our success (or failure) is how we respond to challenges and obstacles. Most people escalate life’s challenges into complete chaos. They let things get emotionally irrational in their mind. Often people use obstacles as an excuse for reasons why they can’t achieve their goals. They say things like “why me?” “yeah but…” “I can’t now because….” The thing is that none of that matters when trying to solve a problem. Instead, conquer any obstacle by following these key principles: 1) Face them head on. Many ....

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  • How Do You Define Success? by Rachel Gaffney Owner, Inner Athlete Fitness

    I love being the owner of Inner Athlete. I love walking through the studio doors every single day. Our clients are amazing, our staff is amazing. The complete life changing transformations that have happened at IA are inspiring and motivating. Basically it's just a great place to be all around. It’s been my home away from home for 4 years and I wouldn’t change a minute of the journey. I am one of the rare people who get to do what I love each and every day. As you probably guessed I also love working out. I love conquering goals. I also love running, and hiking, and mountain biking. But my number one priority and thing I love to do is hang out with my kids. Because their ages span ....

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  • How Your Bones Can Help You Live Longer

    You’ve already heard time and time again about needing to have “strong” bones as you age. And with good reason… According to the Office of the Surgeon General, nearly 1 out of 2 Americans will suffer from osteoporosis by 2020. But here’s what you don’t know… Keeping your bones healthy goes far beyond just avoiding breaks or fractures. Emerging new researching suggests that keeping your bones healthy can affect your OVERALL health! Let me explain… Up until recently, it’s been thought that your skeletal system plays just three roles: 1. Provide a structure for your muscles to attach to and protect your vital organs. 2. Act as “storage” for ....

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  • Your body fat, where you store it, and what to do about it

    “There’s a critical distinction between aging and decay that you need to keep in mind from here on in. Aging is inevitable, but it’s biologically programmed to be a slow process. Most of what we call aging, and most of what we dread about getting older, is actually decay. That’s critically important because we are stuck with real aging, But decay is optional.” — From the book, Younger Next Year. Page 33. A delicate subject, fat. In a purely clinical sense, fat and fat loss is a topic of health, fitness and longevity. On a personal level, when you can’t fit into last year’s jeans, it could be as simple as a topic of priorities. Or it could be as complicated asan ....

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  • Eat More Fat

    Often times when we start a new diet the trend is to cut one of the macronutrients (carbs, fat or protein). Fat is usually the first to go. People tend to think that body fat and dietary fat are the same and that eating fat (even healthy fats) will make you fat. WRONG! The idea of cutting fat is that it will help to lose body fat. This is not the case! Don't be afraid of fat! For years, we were told to avoid dietary fat at all costs. Recently, research has been saying the opposite. Eating fat has a ton of benefits. Dietary fat is essential for digestion, absorbing vitamins, the immune system and healthy functioning of your nervous system. That being said, ....

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  • Is Your Sugar Intake Slowly Killing You

    In the summer of 2008, Australian Damon Gameau met the love of his life. But he knew to impress her he'd have to make some serious changes. You see Gameau smoked a pack of cigarettes and gulped down a couple a cans of Vanilla coke each day. He decided it was time to get healthy. He developed a close personal relationship with his girlfriend's kale, cucumber smoothies, organic vegetables, and avocados on chia seed bread. He went from consuming 30 teaspoons of sugar a day to almost no teaspoons of sugar a day. Not only did he lose weight, people started to comment on how good his skin looked, some even said his eyes looked brighter. Plus his mental state improved. He felt ....

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  • Winning At Life

    One of my favorite quotes is “I don’t stop when I’m tired, I’ll stop when I’m done.” In fact its on the wall of our CardioLab training facility here at Inner Athlete. I like this quote because it reminds me to face adversity head on. I want to “win” in all areas of my life and often this means conquering several obstacles to reach my goals. EVERYONE, I mean EVERYONE faces adversity. It doesn’t matter how much money you have, how skinny you are, how fit you are, how intelligent you are, you have faced some sort of obstacle in your life. Whether you come out on top or let adversity beat you down determines how you live your life. It is my belief that people ....

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  • The Biggest Weight Loss Mistake I Made!

    Most of us know that eating healthy is an essential component of being healthy. If we all know this then why do we all struggle when it comes to weight loss? We know we should eat healthy food and eat less of it right? Then isn’t simply eating less and eating healthy working?? A few years back I asked myself these questions all the time. I wanted to lose the extra weight I had packed on after years of having babies so I did what every good mom knows they should do; exercise more, eat healthy food, and eat less of it. I started running, eating “healthy” and eating less. Which turned out to be running, drinking coffee in the morning, and grazing on the crusts of my kids sandwiches ....

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  • Is Your Routine Holding You Back

    Something that we hear a lot when people are on the road is that they can't workout because they don't have a fitness center to lift weights in. Anytime you have the opportunity to switch up your workout when on the road you are actually doing yourself a huge favor. If you are guilty of going to the gym and going through your set routine then you know what I am talking about. Its nice going to the gym and knowing exactly how long your workout will take and exactly what you will be covering during your 60 minute session. You start out on the elliptical for 20-30 minutes. You then hit the weights for 8-10 exercises at the same weights and repetitions as you always ....

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  • Crunches Won't Give You The Flat Stomach You Want Now

    At Inner Athlete we are asked all of the time how people can get better, flatter, and more visible abs. It’s the #1 area people want to improve. Go intoany gym and you’ll see thousands of crunches, situps, ab machine whatevers, and so on. Do those people have visible abs? Usually not. Abs classes are prevalent in almost any commercial gym, and members flock in search of the six pack that will never be. You see, getting abs comes from OVERALL reduction in body fat. You already have abs - you just need to lose the fat on top of them to see them! Yes, while fun, abs classes are a matter how much it burns. So then how do you get great abs? Here’s our ....

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  • Pantry Makeover

    There are a lot of foods that are advertised as healthy but are not what they claim to be. Make these easy and healthy swaps to be just as satisfied and feel better!
    Instant oats
    ? Old fashion or steal cut
    Instant oats are the refined version of steal cut. They are processed down into small pieces and rolled very flat so they cook quickly. The big difference between steal cut and instant is the glycemic index. Instant oats are higher on the glycemic index, which means they will raise your blood sugar faster. This can cause an insulin increase and possibility for fat storage. Eating foods that are low on the glycemic index digest ....

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  • What I Learned From Shopping On Amazon!

    My daughter Abby is in search of box signs containing quotes for her bedroom wall. So we spent some time last week cruising Amazon in search of just the perfect ones. We ended up having a lot fun reading through hundreds of quotes. Most were funny, finding humor in the everyday things we all do while some were inspirational, motivational and pretty darn epic. It’s now Sunday night and as I sit down to write this blog post I can’t help but think of one of the quotes from our search … “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass it’s about learning to dance in the rain.”

    I can’t help but think about how true this is and how it applies to everyone’s life ....

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  • Skip The Warm Up?

    Running late? Short for time? Rather just start the workout? Skip the warm-up! The main set of the workout is more important anyway right?WRONG! A warm-up serves two major purposes: to enhance performance and prevent injury. Making the warm-up both physical and mental. The warm up is designed to increase blood flow to cardiac and skeletal muscles and reduces risk for injuries. The increase in HR also prepares the heart for the increased stress that will be placed on it during the endurance portion of the workout. Whats a good warm up do:
    Improves alignment and posture.
    Allows for additional time to address and tackle “problematic areas” such as ....

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  • How To Stay Healthy On Vacation

    Carissa Norman
    Personal Trainer, Inner Athlete Fitness Studio
    With vacation season fast approaching it is important not to throw away months of hard work on your getaway. Here are 5 tips to staying on track and still have fun! 1. Have a plan! Dedicate 30-45 minutes of your day to exercise. Find out if your hotel has a gym or if you will need to find another way to get your exercise in. A HIIT workout is a great way to get a high caloric and fat burn in a little amount time, space and equipment. Below you will find an easy 30-minute HIIT workout you can do on your next vacation. 2. Search nearby ....

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  • Why You Need To Add HIIT To Your Fitness Routine!

    So what is HIIT anyway? HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. The word HIIT can sound intimidating but really it describes any workout that alternates between intense bursts of activity and fixed periods of less-intense activity or even complete rest. It can be as simple as jogging for 90 seconds than walking for 3 minutes repeat this cycle for 20-30 minutes and you have a HIIT workout. HIIT is very beneficial to your health, fitness and weight loss. Here are my top 3 reasons why you need to add HIIT training to your fitness routine NOW!
    Research shows you can achieve more progress in a mere 15 minutes of ....

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  • Whole and Clean Foods VS. Processed Foods

    Whole food, clean eating, organic, all natural, vegetarian, vegan and gluten free. There are a lot of terms out there to describe the kinds of foods we are suppose to be eating and it’s darn right confusing! Let us help you clear up the confusion with some solid information about what you are suppose to eat to support a healthy lifestyle and where to find it in the grocery store. Let’s Start with a Pop quiz: Which of these things are whole foods? Sweet Potato Raw Almonds 100% whole wheat bread Organic pasta Granola Banana Chicken breast Yogurt Dried Mangos If you said the potato, chicken, almonds, and banana you are correct! Great job. ....

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  • Are You Proactive or Reactive?

    Have you ever had a bad day, felt crappy, or had someone say something not-so-nice to you? And then you decided, well, “I should probably make myself feel better, so I’ll eat or drink_________.” Or “I just have too much going on right now, too much stress and I just can’t get add working out into my life!” When this happens we suggest you step back and let your rational mind take over. How does eating something bad for you or avoiding working out make a bad situation better or resolved? It doesn’t! But it can be really hard to remember that when you’re in a moment of being frustrated, cranky, or ill. When it comes to your fitness and ....

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  • How Old Is Your Heart?

    How old is your heart? Technically it would be the same age as you, but health wise it can be much older. There are many factors that can effect your heart health and its age. Your cholesterol, smoking, family history, age, weight and gender can all play into the health of your heart. High cholesterol can increase your chance of heart disease. When there is too much cholesterol in the blood it builds up on the walls of your arteries. Overtime this build up causes hardening of the arteries which can prevent blood flow due to a narrowed space. Since blood carries oxygen to the heart, if there is not enough oxygen it can lead to a chest pain. If blood flow is ....

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  • Are You Eating Enough?

    Believe it or not, many people are under eating and it is preventing them from reaching their highest performance level or losing body fat. Even one or two missed meals during your day can start to mess up your body’s balance. When we don't eat enough, the body will go into adaptive thermogenesis (aka "starvation mode") where it will slow down your metabolism to conserve energy. This means your body will burn less calories, which can halt fat loss and cause fat gain. Even worse, your body will start to burn muscle for energy because it is more easily assessable in starvation mode then using fat. When trying to lose weight, people often ....

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  • 5 Tips To Be More Awesome and Active This Year

    For those of you who have been following Inner Athlete this month you know that we are on a mission to get everyone to get out there and “BE AWESOME” by crushing things they never thought they would. Today I want to tell you about an unbreakable rule that I made with myself 6 months ago that has enhanced and maximized the way I live my life. . . . About 6 months ago I made an unbreakable rule with myself to get out and do a minimum
    of 2 AWESOME things each weekend. As you may have already guessed, a great weekend for me is not defined as sleeping in and laying around on the couch. Instead, I measure whether or not a weekend is good by how many awesome things I ....

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  • Runners: Get Faster and Stay Injury Free With High Intensity Interval Training

    I love to run. I started running 9 years ago and have completed several marathons, ½ marathons and every distance in between. I’ve PR’d and won my age group and overall have been a reasonably successful and very happy recreational runner. I’ve also made the mistake of spending the first couple of years of my running lifestyle working my butt off to only find myself slower, injured and actually FATTER than I was at the start of my training program! After continuing through this frustrating training cycle I decided to reflect on what was causing this phenomenon, why was I slower, fatter, and more injured? What I found was that I was repeatedly ....

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  • Your Last Resolution Ever

    I have a confession… I have failed at every New Years Resolution I have every made. In fact, 9 years ago I made my last New Years Resolution to finally lose weight and get healthy and fit for once and for all. To make a long story short what happened was on New Years Day 2007, I found myself heavier and more out of shape than I was in 2006 and in 2005, and in 2004 (you get the point). Every year I had made a vow to get in shape for some reason in 2007 I realized that I never stuck to them and I was still fat and out of shape. I was sick and tired of failing! I'd had enough! I started working with a personal trainer, setting specific goals and learned to eat nutritionally balanced ....

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  • Conquer Every Workout

    ’m 43, a busy mom of 4, the owner Inner Athlete, and someone who has set the bar very high in terms of my expectations for my fitness goals. The facts of the matter are that I never ever miss a workout and I have become an expert at maximizing each workout to get the best results possible. I have goals so every workout had better count. I don’t have a lot of time so I can’t afford to just go through the motions. I hold myself to these 5 WORKOUT SECRETS
    in order to make sure I burn the most calories, torch fat, get stronger and conquer, crush, and kick ass every single day AND YOU CAN TO! It’s my hope that you use these secrets to take massive action in ....

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  • Burn More Calories Torch More Fat

    I’m not sure if you noticed but there is a lot of hype out there this holiday season about fitness technology. In fact it seems almost every single major brand from Apple and Polar to Fitbit and Garmin are introducing new fitness watches, trackers and heart rate monitors. They look interesting, super flashy, sleek, and cutting edge –but I promise you there is more to it than that. Wearing a heart rate monitor will help you maximize each workout!
    Knowing what heart rate zone you are in can teach you a lot about each workout. Understanding your how your own heart rate training zone you are in you will help you:
    Burn more fat and ....

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  • Is investing the time, energy, and money in your fitness worth it?

    9 years ago I had 4 kids under the age of 7. I was loving every minute of it but I was busy. Anyone who has any number of children knows the drill, the diapers, making meals, laundry, driving the carpool. The list goes on and on. I was so wrapped up in the tasks at hand I didn’t really think about exercising…except for everyday when I got dressed and all of my clothes were to small. My jeans were so tight I usually left the top button unbuttoned and wore a long shirts to cover it up. Nutrition? Forget about that! A healthy lunch was the crust off of one of the kids peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and a few spoonfuls of mac and cheese. I wasn’t happy with ....

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  • Morning Routine for Fat Loss!New Post

    Having a solid night before and morning routine is essential for fat loss. The more prepared you are the less likely you are to go off track. When you consistently prepare, you will consistently make good choices which leads to the results you want! Read these tips to help you come up with your own routine to get the day started on the right foot! Prepare the Night Before:
    To have a great morning routine and reduce stress first thing when you wake up is to prepare the night before. Having everything ready will help you make good choices the rest of the day. Have your bag ready to go and clothes laid out. It is a good idea to have breakfast ....

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  • Resting Metabolic Rate: How many calories would your body burn by sleeping all day?

    RMR stands for Resting Metabolic Rate (sometimes referred to as the Basal Metabolic Rate.) Your RMR is the energy that is required for you (or any animal) to stay alive with no activity. In other words, if you were to sleep all day how many calories would your body burn? When determining your RMR there are many variables that come into play such as your age, gender, weight, height and your fat-free body mass. The amount you exercise, living in a cold environment, eating small regular meals each day are all things that will increase your RMR rate. Things that decrease your RMR are growing older and crash-dieting. The first is recommended. The second, not so much. So how do you ....

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  • Is Soy Good For You?

    Today lets take a look at soy and whether or not it’s good for you. In looking at soy, it’s impossible to ignore “the politics of food.” There is lots of information available online about the pros and cons of soy. However, in order to give the claims prospective, it’s important to be aware of the source and the motivation behind what is written. On the anti-soy side, you find Dairy Associations – the most high profile one being the American Dairy Association (ADA). Plus there is a website from an organization called the Weston A. Price Foundation. Both the ADA and the Weston A. Price Foundation are anti-soy. The ADA’s mandate is to keep you drinking lots of milk and ....

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  • Six Pack ABS??

    If you go into a big gym you will probably see people doing sit – ups, crunches, using and other machines supposedly designed to target the abdominals. The question is do all of these people have flat mid sections and washboard abs – most likely not. At Inner Athlete we are frequently asked questions such as “how do I lose this extra pouch around my middle?” Or “why won’t THIS (grabbing at mid section) go away?” Here’s what you need to do: 1) Lead with nutrition: You knew we were going to say that right? But it’s true! At least 80% of your body composition and weight loss results come from what you are (or aren’t) putting into your body. To lose that pouch or muffin top or ....

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  • The Do’s and Don’ts of Weight loss

    Follow these tips for successful weight loss. Are you frustrated with dieting and stepping on the scale only to see that number stay the same. Sometimes you think you’re doing all you can to lose weight, but it’s just not working. Don’t despair, with this quick refresher course for successful weight loss, you’ll be on track to drop weight the healthy way.
    Follow these tips for successful weight loss:
    Do Eat Breakfast It was true 100 years ago and remains true today: breakfast is the most important meal of your day. On top of providing the fuel your body needs to function at its best, breakfast jumpstarts your metabolism to keep it running all day. On top of that, those who ....

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  • Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Get Fit Healthy

    Is investing the time, energy, and money in your fitness worth it? Is being healthy and fit over-rated? Does it require more time than it’s worth? Isn’t it just better to take the easier route and not worry about it? 8 years ago I had 4 kids under the age of 7. I was loving every minute of it but I was busy. Anyone who has any number of children knows the drill, the diapers, making meals, laundry, driving the carpool. The list goes on and on. I was so wrapped up in the tasks at hand I didn’t really think about exercising…except for everyday when I got dressed and all of my clothes were to small. My jeans were so tight I usually left the top button unbuttoned and wore a long ....

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  • How to Eat Out & Stay on Track Without Ordering a Salad

    Is it possible to eat healthy when you go out if you don’t want to order a salad?

    It depends on the choices you are willing to make. Do you feel like you need to indulge when you are out just because you are OUT. Not because it was a special occasion but simply because you were at a dining establishment. The truth is that you can make GREAT choices that are delicious and keep you on track! And truth be told, unless it’s a really amazingly unique salad or a special Greek salad, we aren’t ordering salads when we go out. Salads just don’t do it for us as a meal.

    So here’s what you need to do:
    Step 1: Look at the menu to decide what you’re going to ....

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  • Keeping Money in the Bank!: Healthy Eating on a Budget

    At some time or another we have all experienced being on a tight budget. For me it was in college when I overloaded the washer and dryer to save a few quarters or rationed the shampoo to last the whole semester. There are plenty of sacrifices and ways to cut corners we make to save money but sacrificing good, healthy food should not be one of them. There is a misconception that it is too expensive to eat healthy. Well, let me tell you that the past few years (as a college athlete who ate a lot!) my goal was to spend about $35 a week on groceries. It took some creative meals and lots of crock pot cooking but the majority of the time I was successful. Here are some great grocery shopping ....

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  • What is the Best Form of Exercise?

    How many of us have heard the statement: “Walking is the best form of exercise.”? My first reaction is: “Well, no. Walking is actually an essential component required for day to day life as humans. In a relatively healthy or mobile individual, it is a non-negotiable.” As a strong advocate of strength training for EVERYONE capable, I’m always baffled by the fact that people think walking alone will get you in shape. In my opinion, walking is only a SOLE form of acceptable exercise if you A) have been sedentary for a long time B) are extremely overweight C) are elderly D) are incapacitated in some way (amputee, extreme illness, restricted by a doctor E) are very pregnant. That said, I ....

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  • Sweat Angels


    We love when our members check-in on Facebook, and we love giving back. That’s why we are excited to announce that we are officially partnered with Sweat Angels. We now have the opportunity for the Inner Athlete family to give back to a designated non-profit organization of the month just by working out. Sounds like a win, win to us!
    It’s a program by which the Inner Athlete family can help give back by just working out. Facebook check-ins at Inner Athlete Fitness Studio equals real world good! So every time you check-in at Inner Athlete, you are a Sweat Angel and help us to give back to others!
    HOW DOES ....

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