Meet Rikki Stride

Rikki Stride


* NASM Certified Personal Trainer
* National Personal Training Institute of Seattle Graduate


Personal Bio:

Even though I’ve had a gym membership for the last thirty years (and I’ve gotten A LOT of use out of that membership), my interest in strength training began only a few years ago. Before then, I thought cardio was the key to staying fit. But during the five year period when I completed a combined fifteen half- and full-marathons, I learned that resistance training is a much better use of my time and effort. 

My true passion is food and nutrition. I enjoy experimentation in the kitchen: I home cook virtually all of my family’s dinners; I brew my own kombucha, prepare homemade almond milk, and create salsa from my backyard garden’s vegetables. My kids are athletes — one is a national level swimmer — and everyone in my family understands the vital connection between nutritious food, rest and performance. We all strive to find balance between work, rest, fueling, recovery and having fun.  

Some of my favorite things to do are: watch my middle son swim (the 400 IM is one of his best events, and truly incredible to watch), be in the gym, attend spin class, tend to my summer vegetable garden, read books about nutrition, and bake (I make a mean chocolate raspberry cheesecake). 

I’ve lived in Bothell for 22 years, and all three of my kids are born and raised here. We love the Pacific Northwest, but enjoy visiting warm places like California, where we have extended family. 

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