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Kimber Hansen  in Mill Creek - Inner Athlete Fitness Studio

Kimber Hansen

For Kimber, fitness (read health) is the key to experiencing the very best in life. High adventure had her heart from an early age, and she even began competing in rock bouldering contests when she was twelve years old. But, it wasn't until Kimber made training in the gym and proper nutrition part of her routine that she finally felt confident that her body was ready to play as hard as she always wanted. That confidence has been contagious, and has transformed into a deep love for helping uncover functional fitness for others when she began coaching classes in 2011.

After coaching for 3 years in California and building a community that supported, encouraged, and challenged athletes of every fitness level, Kimber said a very difficult goodbye and made the move to Tacoma to follow her husband, Nate's, career in podiatric medicine. She chose to further fine tune her skills by completing the USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach accreditation, and quickly began creating new opportunities and communities for people dedicated to their health to pursue an active life. A large amount of her time in Tacoma focused on women and a passion for turning food into freedom and exercise into play was born. She thinks that women and men at any level can achieve their goals with a little know-how, determination and persistence. She also knows that having a fitness family makes it not only achievable, but rewarding and fun! Together with her adventurous husband and Labrador puppy, Kimber looks forward to becoming part of the Mill Creek community, and she is is excited to make Inner Athlete her second home. 

Success for Kimber is helping others find the empowerment, health, and joy that fitness has brought to her life. Her goal is to show others how amazing and capable their bodies truly are through safe, sustainable, and passionate training. Whether it's being able to say “yes” to a backpacking trip, playing baseball with with grandkids,or blazing the trail solo; Kimber believes that time spent properly in the gym prepares you to always be play-ready.

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